Pro-Line Body Grip Tool R/C

Pro-Line Body Grip Tool R/C

Painting an R/C body can be quite the task, especially if you’re working on an elaborate, detailed design. To give you a helping hand during your next painting project, Pro-Line has released its Body Grip Tool to provide an easier way to pick up, flip, and position your polycarbonate body while painting.

With its simple design, the Body Grip Tool consists of two main parts; a ball grip and a suction cup. Two suction cups are included and can be swapped out, depending on the size of your radio-controlled car or truck’s body.

Pro-Line Body Grip Tool - Application Examples

Designed with two “hold styles” in mind, you can handle the tool like a gear shift or position it between your fingers when “palming” the R/C body.

The two suction cups are intended for different body sizes and are rated to hold up to 7lbs (large cup) and 3lbs (medium cup). If you’re painting up a smaller-scale body, the medium cup should be the way to go, given it’s smaller footprint. If you’re painting a 1/10-scale body (or larger), stick with the larger suction cup.

The Pro-Line Body Grip Tool is priced at $22.06 and is available online and through your local Pro-Line dealer. Visit to learn more about this R/C body painting accessory.

Image credit: Pro-Line

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