The Power to Win: Team Orion’s New Vortex “Ultimate Mod” Motor Lineup

The Power to Win: Team Orion’s New Vortex “Ultimate Mod” Motor Lineup

Six brushless motor options are now available, “race legal”, and ready to rumble.

When you hit the track, you want to know that you have the best equipment at your fingertips. From the chassis and tires to your controller, there are multiple components which go into making a high-performing R/C vehicle, especially one that will compete for wins.

Team Orion has released a new lineup of brushless, competition-ready motors to help fuel your need for speed. Each motor in their Vortex “Ultimate Mod” line has been developed by Oscar Jansen and is listed as being “Race Legal” for IFMAR, ROAR, and other racing organizations.

Multiple 540 motors are available as well as an option for 1/12-scale race vehicles. Each of these motors boast fresh internal designs to reduce resistance and improve timing adjustments. Every motor in the lineup is also rebuildable, giving you the opportunity to tune and refresh your powerplant from race to race.

The Team Orion Vortex Ultimate Mod Brushless Motor Lineup

Each motor is priced at $109.99. Learn more about the Team Orion Vortex Ultimate Mod brushless motor lineup at

Image credit: Team Orion