Pit Bull RC Kronik R/C Rock Crawler Shocks

Pit Bull RC Kronik R/C Rock Crawler Shocks

Known primarily for their crawling and scale R/C tires, Pit Bull RC has developed a new set of shocks to help you get the most out of your radio-controlled trail truck. Officially licensed from BDS Suspension, Pit Bull’s KRONIK Shocks are designed for scale realism and crawling performance.

With their dual-stage spring design, these shocks can be tuned and tweaked to match your driving preference and trail conditions. Adjustments can be made quickly and easily through the thumb-turn dial found on the upper half of the shock.

Pit Bull RC Kronik Rock Crawler Shocks - Single

Each KRONIK BDS Suspension shock features an aluminum body for added durability and visual appeal. Depending on your needs, four length options are available (70mm, 80mm, 90mm, and 100mm) to give your R/C crawler the most performance possible.

Priced at $99.99 per pair, Pit Bull RC’s BDS Suspension KRONIK shocks are available online at pitbullrc.com.

Image credit: Pit Bull RC