New From ARRMA: The Fazon Voltage Mega Speed Truck

New From ARRMA: The Fazon Voltage Mega Speed Truck

Getting the most bang for your buck is a goal of mine, especially when it comes to the R/C hobby. Much to my amazement, ARRMA has released two new vehicles that speak to folks like me; budget-minded thrill seekers.

Taking the styling and basic design of their Fazon 6S BLX, the team at ARRMA has brought the Fazon Voltage to the table. This 1/10-scale speed truck shares the same body design as it’s brushless-powered sibling, but features a three-in-one receiver, electronic speed control (ESC) and electronic servo control package, a 20-T brushed motor, and a unique battery system.

ARRMA Fazon Voltage Mega SRS - Dirt

The Fazon Voltage appears to have all the makings of a fully-capable radio-controlled truck. This truck features a narrow chassis tub, oil-filled shocks, and dBoots tires, which have become common on other ARRMA models.

Providing go for this speed truck is a 20-T brushed motor. While some may prefer a brushless system, the specs indicate this vehicle can handle quite a bit of output from its multiple batteries.  Ah yes, the batteries.

ARRMA Fazon Voltage - Battery Setup

The battery setup may be one of the most unique aspects about the Fazon Voltage. After doing a double, if not triple-take after viewing photos of this machine the battery situation became clearer, but it wasn’t until I read the details that it really made sense.

While the pictures may appear to show “AA” size batteries, the Fazon Voltage actually uses 18650 Lithium-Ion batteries as its power source. The standard model includes two batteries but you can fit up to six into the cartridge, maximizing output and longevity.

ARRMA Fazon Voltage Mega SRS - Side

ARRMA Fazon Voltage Mega Specs

  • Scale: 1/10
  • Maximum speed: 25mph / 40km/h
  • Motor type: Brushed
  • Drive type: 2WD
  • Length: 401mm / 15.79″
  • Wheelbase: 285mm / 11.22″
  • Ride height: 34mm / 1.34″
  • Front width: 325mm / 12.8″
  • Rear width: 325mm / 12.8″
  • Height: 151mm / 5.94″
  • Price: $139.99

That’s not a typo next to “Price”. The Fazon Voltage carries a lightweight price tag of $139.99, making it a very attractive option for first-time hobbyists and general fun-seekers.

ARRMA Fazon Voltage Mega SRS - Rear

I’m very intrigued by aspects of this model, specifically the price and the battery arrangement. Perhaps this model will find its way into my shop for a review.

If you want to learn more about the ARRMA Fazon Voltage Speed Truck, visit for photos, details, and more.

Image credit: ARRMA