More Colors, More Creativity: Pro-Line’s “Phase 4” R/C Body Paints

More Colors, More Creativity: Pro-Line’s “Phase 4” R/C Body Paints

Pro-Line has released another round of options to their ever-expanding line of water-based, polycarbonate paints. Phase 4 offers up five new colors, all centered around dark and rich tones for your next radio-controlled creation.

Adding three colors to their “Standard” collection, one to “Metallic” and one to “Pearl”, these new color options provide even more options for your next R/C painting project.

Pro-Line R/C Body Paint “Phase 4” Colors:

In addition to these new color options, three new “6-packs” have been released, each focusing on a specific color theme or style. Among the new paint packs are the Military Set, the Pure Metal Set, and the All Pearl Set (priced at $40.76 per set).

If you’re new to R/C body painting or haven’t used an airbrush before, Pro-Line has a helpful “How-to” video focusing on painting with this type of paint.

All of Pro-Line’s RC Body Paints are water-based pre-thinned for easy application with an airbrush. These paint options are available directly through Pro-Line at or through your favorite Pro-Line dealer.

Image credit: Pro-Line