Mega Muscle: Vaterra’s 1972 Chevy Camaro SS V100-S

Mega Muscle: Vaterra’s 1972 Chevy Camaro SS V100-S

On-road scale R/C fans, Vaterra hasn’t forgotten about you. They’ve rolled out a 1972 Chevrolet Camaro SS model which is build on their V100-S platform.

With a variety of models already using the V100-S platform, this is a well-tested chassis which provides a fun, easy to drive experience for hobbyists of any skill level. This car features full-time four-wheel drive, providing solid traction during takeoff and cornering.

Vaterra 1972 Camaro SS - Front

The ’72 Chevy Camaro SS V100-S is powered by a 540-size brushed motor and features waterproof/water-resistant electronics (receiver, ESC, and steering servo). Whether it’s after a steady rain or in the heat of the day, this R/C muscle car is ready to cruise.

Vaterra 1972 Camaro SS - Chassis

The scale details on this model don’t stop with the shape of the body.  Grille trim, bumper trim, side-view mirrors and a rear spoiler are just a few of the visual accents that you’ll find on this muscle car.

Vaterra 1972 Camaro SS - Dusk

Two body colors are available for this model (orange and olive green/black) and both feature pre-installed LED headlights and taillights to amp-up the scale factor and set this vehicle apart from the pack.

Priced at $219.99, the Vaterra 1972 Chevrolet Camaro SS V100 will be available online and at hobby shops that carry Vaterra products. Visit to learn more about this on-road R/C model.

Image credit: Vaterra