Max Speed Technolgy Teases Their Upcoming Monster Truck

Max Speed Technolgy Teases Their Upcoming Monster Truck

The MTX-1 is set to rumble in late 2017.

The monster truck phenomenon that swept through the R/C hobby in 2016 appears to be gaining momentum once again. Following in the large tire treads of Axial’s SMT10 and Tekno RC’s MT410, Max Speed Technology (MST) is following suit with a monster truck of their own.

Through a post on their Facebook page, MST released a few small details on their new model. Expected to be released in the third quarter of 2017, the MTX-1 appears to have a robust cage design, looking like something out of Mad Max rather than Monster Jam.

The dimensions of the truck fall in between that of the HPI Wheely King and the Axial SMT10. A width of 294mm and a wheelbase of 280mm are the only specs included for now. If you’re a R/C monster truck fan, and you’re looking for an alternate option, be sure to follow the MST page and check back for updates.

Image credit: Max Speed Technology