Martin Truex Jr. Shreds Numerous R/C Boat Speed Records [Video]

Martin Truex Jr. Shreds Numerous R/C Boat Speed Records [Video]

NASCAR driver Martin Truex Jr. is coming off of a career year, both professionally and hobby-wise. Not only did he score a number of wins in the 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season (4), but he recently set a number of radio-controlled boat speed-run records, just to put an exclamation point on his year.

Piloting a twin-engine R/C boat, Martin took to the water on November 26 & 27 in an attempt to set a number of new records. After performing a number of passes with his nitro-powered twin 45, he managed to carve his name into the record books once again.

I recently learned of Martin’s participation in the radio-control boat hobby and have enjoyed learning more about not only his history, but the sport of R/C boat speed runs. Similar to R/C car speed run attempts, these boats are custom-built with an emphasis on power and performance. Watching them cut through the water is a sight to behold.

Martin Truex Jr’s Record-breaking Twin 45 SAW in Action

Among the records that Truex was able to secure were C, D, E, and F Hydro classes. Additional videos and information on his record-breaking attempts can be found within this Facebook group.

For more details on radio-controlled boat speed runs or where to get started with your own kit build, here are some great resources to start with.

Image credit: YouTube