Losi Teases “Something New” for 10.25.18

Losi Teases “Something New” for 10.25.18

‘Tis the season for new model releases and rampant speculation! Through a series of photo posts, Losi has been teasing a new model (or models) announcement for October 25, 2018. While they’ve cleverly hidden the identity and shape of this unnamed vehicle, they’re using some powerful wording to help stir the souls of hobbyists.

“Never Follow” and “Never Settle” are at the heart of their most-recent images, which appear to depict two different models in each image (depending on how hard you squint). Their last tease gave us two new brushless, performance-inspired vehicles, so there’s no telling what’s awaiting us this time around.

Losi Never Settle

If you want to try reading the tea leaves yourself, head over to Losi’s Facebook and Instagram pages to see their latest posts and be sure to check out losi.com on 10/25/18!

Image credit: Losi