Letting Loose with the New Bright RC Frenzy X-10 [Video]

Letting Loose with the New Bright RC Frenzy X-10 [Video]

A fun, unique R/C machine arrived on my doorstep last fall…patiently waiting for a chance to stretch its legs…er…tires. Thanks to some warm(er) weather and a clear calendar, I set out to shake down the New Bright RC Frenzy X-10 once again.

A local park’s parking lot provided the perfect spot for me to reacquaint myself with this brushless-powered beast. My earlier excursions with this truck gave me a feel for how this machine performed. Between then and now, I’ve received an updated steering link (courtesy of New Bright), which helped cure some of the “squirellyness” that I had experienced out of the box.

Between sliding, drifting, spinning and jumping, the Frenzy X-10 held up to what I and my co-driver threw at it. To my surprise, my test driver went easier on this machine than I did. No matter who was behind the wheel, however, this truck held up to what we put it through.

If you’re interested in checking this vehicle out for yourself, you may have to do a little digging. When it was released, the New Bright RC Frenzy X-10 was a Toys R Us exclusive. However, those stores have closed down (or are in the final stages of closing).

Where to buy the New Bright RC Frenzy: