Leopard Waterproof ESC and Brushless Motor [Review]

By: Matthew Horsley

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Hi guys Matthew here from UK Scale and Crawler. In this post I will be reviewing the parts I got in my most recent Asiatees order. Lets go from the start I ordered the brushless system from Asiatees not knowing it had a crawler mode on it (hahahaha). When I opened the box and had a look at the instruction for the ESC I noticed it said rock crawler on the run mode section.

The ESC is a Leopard 80amp waterproof (LH-ESCWP80A).


  • Output:Continuous current 80A, burst current 540A
  • Input:4-9 cells NiMH/NiCd or 2-3 cells LiPo
  • BEC Output:6V/2.0A
  • Suitable for 1/10 RC
  • SuitableBrushless Motor:2S Lipo KV?6000 3S LipoKV?4000
  • Size:46mm(L)x34mm(W)x35mm(H)
  • Waterproof

And the motor I ordered was a Leopard 1350kv 4 pole


  • Code - Leopard 4 Poles Inrunner Brushless Motor LBP 3650/5.5Y
  • Max Amps(A) - 28A
  • Max Voltage - 44V
  • Max Power - 1300W
  • KV(RPM/Volt) - 1350KV
  • Resistance - 0.0412
  • No-load Current(7.4V) - 0.6A
  • Mounting hole depth(mm) - 6.0
  • Shaft Diameter (mm) - 3.175
  • Shaft Lenghth (mm) - 16.0
  • Diameter×Length (mm) - 36.0×50.0

Upon fitting these to my truck I was more than amazed I used to run a 35t tamiya cr tuned motor so it had lots of torque but still great wheel speed. After installing this system I must say I will not be using a brushed system ever again.

It has just a little more speed than the stock 27turn motor but it has more torque and a 70turn motor its amazing. I am running a 87 tooth spur gear with a 22 tooth pinion.

Now the system isn’t sensored so you would expect it to cog slightly i.e. judder when bound up or judder when starting off and I am pleased to say it doesn’t it just runs smooth as silk on low revs, also the system doesn’t get warm at all its really cool all the time.

If you are on a bit of a budget and want to go brushless then this system is defiantly the way to go its got torque by the bucket load and great wheel speed, The esc if full programmable with everything from lipo cut off to drag break and crawler mode an much more as for the motor simply wow.

The finish on both the items is second to non with the esc being in a very sturdy case and has a high powered fan on top  and the motor is in a brilliantly finished aluminum can with what looks like oversize bearing but I am not sure about that I will ask the manufacturer and get back to you on that.

So to recap if your in the market for a brushless system for a Axial SCX10 or an Axial Wraith and you haven't got loads of coin,

Then this system will be perfect for all you scale and trail needs.

Link for the motor http://www.asiatees.com/display?Miscellaneous-All-Parts-Hop-Ups&brand=Miscellaneous&model=All&id=51683

Link for the esc: http://www.asiatees.com/display?Miscellaneous-All-Parts-Hop-Ups&brand=Miscellaneous&model=All&id=57936

I hope you enjoyed this review if you have any questions then feel free to ask away and I will try my best to answer them.

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