Kyosho GP Nitro Tracker with Quick Reverse Clutch

Kyosho GP Nitro Tracker with Quick Reverse Clutch

Kyosho’s bringing the noise with their latest R/C monster truck release! The GP Nitro Tracker is a 4wd, nitro-powered monster truck that’s built to bash and features some unique performance aspects.

Powered by a KE15SP engine, the Nitro Tracker should have all of your senses engaged from the moment you pull the starter. Designed for ease of use for any level of hobbyist, this engine promises smooth operation and performance right out of the box.

Kyosho Nitro Tracker - Chassis

A 5-gear transmission provides on-the-fly shifting between forward, neutral, and reverse, including two selectable speeds for maximum engine performance. All of these movements are controlled by a transmitter-controlled servo, for hassle-free driving.

Four large, block pattern tires should provide ample grip and traction for off-road adventures. Also included with this model is a KT-231P radio transmitter and three-channel receiver.

Kyosho Nitro Tracker - Rear

Kyosho GP Nitro Tracker Specs:

  • Length: 418.5
  • Width: 321mm
  • Height: 194mm
  • Weight: 2,650g (approx.)
  • Wheelbase: 298.5mm
  • Tires (F/R): 120×56mm
  • Tread (F/R): 265mm
  • Engine: KE15SP with recoil starter
  • Gear Ratio
    • Forward (1st) 20.9:1 / (2nd) 13.9:1
    • Reverse (1st) 24.1:1 / (2nd) 16.0:1

The GP Nitro Tracker is priced at $349.99 and is available direct from Kyosho and through many of their dealers. Visit to learn more about this radio-controlled monster truck.

Image credit: Kyosho