Kyosho Fazer Mk2 FZ02 Semi-Assembled Chassis Kit with Mercedes GT3 Body

Kyosho Fazer Mk2 FZ02 Semi-Assembled Chassis Kit with Mercedes GT3 Body

Kyosho has introduced a new kit featuring their Fazer Mk2 FZ02 chassis paired with the Mercedes GT3 body. This semi-assembled kit will get you on the road or track faster and you’re sure to look sharp when you get there.

With its tub-style chassis design and rear-mounted transmission and motor, the Fazer Mk2 FZ02 sets the table for a high-performance driving experiance. Durable body components such as the “Duralumin” center driveshaft and aluminum and steel TC universal shafts are included to help this car come out on top of on-track battles.

Low-profile tires and multi-spoke wheels are included with the kit as well. The only items that you’ll need to supply for the build are electronics (radio system, steering servo, and ESC), a NiMh or LiPo battery, a battery charger, polycarbonate paint, and assembly tools.

Kyosho Fazer Mk2 FZ02 Chassis Kit w/ Mercedes GT3 Body Specs:

  • Length: 375mm
  • Width: 200mm/190mm
  • Ground clearance: 8mm (approx.)
  • Wheelbase: 260mm
  • Tread(190mm): F:164mm/R:164mm
  • Tread(200mm): F:174mm/R:174mm
  • Tires: F:66mm x 25mm/R:66mm x 25mm
  • Gear Ratio: 6.54:1
  • Total Weight (approx): 1490g (with 7.4V / 4000 LiPo)

Priced at $179.99, the Fazer Mk2 FZ02 Chassis Kit with Mercedes GT3 body will be available through Kyosho and their dealers. If you’d prefer to pick your own body but want to experience the Fazer Mk2 FZ02 platform, a semi-assembled chassis kit is also available.

Visit to learn more about this 1/10-scale on-road R/C car kit.

Image credit: Kyosho