Kick off the new year with a new hobby (and save a little money in the process).

Kick off the new year with a new hobby (and save a little money in the process).

Welcome to a new year, filled with new hopes, new challenges, and new opportunities. All of that aside, it’s the perfect time to pick up a new hobby and if you haven’t already gotten into the radio-controlled vehicle “scene” now is as good a time as any.

Along with picking up this new hobby, it would be great to be able to save a little money along the way as well. Here are some ways you can get into the R/C car phenomenon and still have cash left over for replacement parts.

Keep an eye out for sales.

Even though the holiday season has ended, there are still online shops (as well as some local brick-and-mortar stores) that are offering discounts and sales on R/C vehicles.  My favorite go-to locations seem to always have an offer going on, so if you’re in the market for what they have on sale, you can stand to save.

Here are a few online stores to check frequently:

Buy used.

If the price of a new radio-controlled vehicle isn’t in your budget, don’t worry. There are plenty of used and pre-run vehicles that folks are looking to sell, so deals can be found that way as well.  With the money you can save buying a pre-owned R/C machine, you’ll have more saved up for upgrades and hop-ups once you get rolling.

Our favorite go-to locations for used R/C gear:

Visit your local hobby shop.

Don’t forget to see what your local hobby store is offering for sales or discounts on new and used vehicles either.  Not only are they close-by in case you need to buy parts or supplies, but a local shop will (almost) always have knowledgeable folks on hand that can help you out with questions and give you advice on what type of machine you should get.  If anything, it’s a great way to escape for a while and talk about the hobby.