Keeping it all together.

After I got home from my LHS with my new Traxxas Slash 4×4, I couldn’t wait to open it up and start looking it over. While this is a ready-to-race truck, I expected to find more than a few small and spare parts in the box. I was right. Between the tools, the additional pinion gear, decals, and a suspension pieces, I quickly had a small mess on my hands, or at leas the potential for one.




With two small children at home, I knew I needed something that I could store this parts and pieces in and keep it all out of their reach. Adding to the parts and tools, I picked up a spare battery and a peak charger, which I feared would suffer the same fate as many other battery chargers in our house; getting lost or tangled up with other cords. Keeping all of this in mind, I ran to a hardware store (ok, it was Wal-Mart) and picked up a small toolbox to keep all of my gear together and I highly recommend it for anyone starting out with remote-controlled vehicles. The size and the amount you want to spend are up to you (keep this in in mind for every aspect of the hobby), but I suggest pick a box that will hold the largest amount of your equipment.

The box I picked up is, what I’d consider to be a “starter box” and is just big enough to store my parts, tools, manuals, batteries and charger. If you can find a box or container that can also hold your radio, then you’ll be in great shape, though you might be lugging around an “oddly-shaped” box. The few times I’ve run my truck I’ve found myself running out of hands to carry everything, even with the tool box. Still better than the alternative.

Another recommendation is to buy a toolbox that has smaller sections and compartments for storing things such as tools, body pins, and washers, this helps keep things sorted and they won’t get tossed around during transit. A box with compartments in the lid is also a bonus. The less latching and unlatching, the better.