JConcepts Landmines 1.9″ Performance Scaler Tires

JConcepts Landmines 1.9″ Performance Scaler Tires

Much like the scale and trail truck landscape, the field of aftermarket tire options continues to grow at a booming pace. JConcepts has developed a new 1.9″ tire option for R/C crawling enthusiasts who are looking for something a bit outside of the ordinary. Introducing JConcepts Landmines Performance Scaler Tires.

With a unique, “lightning bolt” tread pattern, these Landmines crawler tires offer plenty of nooks, crannies, and crevasses to take hold of rocks and trail terrain. The tires are made from JConcepts super-soft “green” compound, which should provide you with an extra level of traction performance.

JConcepts Landmines Performance Scaler Tires - Mounted

A set of Landmines 1.9″ Performance Scaler Tires is priced at $24.00 and can be purchased directly from JConcepts as well as through their dealers. Visit jconcepts.net to learn more about this R/C crawler tire option.

Image credit: JConcepts