JConcepts ’84 Ford F-250 R/C Truck Body

JConcepts ’84 Ford F-250 R/C Truck Body

If you’re looking to refresh your R/C monster truck or scale rig with a new, retro body, check out this release from JConcepts. Flashing back to the 80’s, the JConcepts crew has unveiled a 1984 Ford F-250 clear body (#0306) designed for radio-controlled monster trucks and select “scale” vehicles.

With a width of 7.25″ and a 13″ wheelbase, this truck body features the same lines and details that you’d come to expect from an early-1980’s Ford pickup truck. The body itself is made from durable polycarbonate and includes pre-applied overspray film and a decal sheet to help you create your customized beauty.

JConcepts 1984 Ford F-250 Monster- Scale Truck Body - Side Rear

Additional 3D printed accessories, specific to the Virginia Giant and Bigfoot 3 monster trucks, are also available (on shapeways.com). If you’re looking to create a 1/10 replica of either of these 1:1 ground-pounders, then these accessories are worth checking out as well.

Priced at $37.40, the JConcepts 1984 Ford F-250 Monster Truck/Scale Truck body is available online at jconcepts.net.

Image credit: JConcepts