HPI’s Venture Will Soon Be Released as a Kit

HPI’s Venture Will Soon Be Released as a Kit

If you like complete control over your R/C machine, the Venture Scale Builder Kit might be calling your name.

Building an R/C model from the ground up is an amazing experience and one that I highly recommend to any hobbyist. While the landscape has shifted toward primarily ready-to-run (RTR) vehicles, there are a fair number of kits available on the market, including an upcoming option from HPI.

Taking their 1/10-scale Venture platform and stripping it down the core, the HPI Venture SBK Scale Builder Kit will offer an opportunity to customize the internal aspects of this popular trail rig, all while building around a solid foundation.

HPI Venture Scale Builder Kit - Front

At the moment, details are scarce, however, it appears that this kit offering will provide the base chassis and suspension components found in the Venture RTR, along with a few improvements. Axle weights, aluminum suspension links, and a four-link rear suspension are a few of the highlights of this upcoming release.

To complete the build, you’ll need to provide a motor, radio system, ESC, battery, charger, and body. This is truly a blank canvas on which you can create the most trail-ready rig you could imagine. It’s a concept that I love and hope never goes away from the hobby.

HPI Venture Scale Builder Kit

Visit hpiracing.com to learn more about the Venture SBK Scale Builder Kit. 

Image credit: HPI