HPI Jumpshot SC R/C Short Course Truck

HPI Jumpshot SC R/C Short Course Truck

My first taste of hobby-grade radio-controlled fun came in the form of a short course truck. While I’ve moved away from this type of vehicle, I still look back on my experiences fondly. Short course trucks are versatile machines, perfect for ripping around your back yard, tearing up and down the road, or blasting around a local track.

With a number of SCTs on the market, HPI has thrown their hat into the ring with their Jumpshot SC. Part of their Jumpshot line, this short course truck is a two-wheel drive truck featuring waterproof/water-resistant electronics, adjustable chassis and suspension components, and a unique chassis design.

That chassis uses HPI’s TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) design that differs from the designs that you’ll see on other popular SCT models.  Rather than using a tub-style layout, two aluminum plates sandwich the internal components, reducing areas for debris and dirt to catch and rest when you’re out for a day of fun.

Adjustability is at the heart of the Jumpshot SC from the modular chassis design to the suspension and handling components. The shocks are oil-filled and feature turning adjustment rings for right height and spring tension.

Powering this truck is a 15-turn brushed motor and an included NiMh battery (7.2v, 2000mAh). The HPI SC-3SWP2 electronic speed control (ESC) will handle both NiMh and LiPo batteries, allowing you to step up the power as your needs and skills change.

HPI Jumpshot SC Chassis

Priced at $214.99, the HPI Jumpshot SC is available online and through local HPI dealers. Learn more about this model at hpiracing.com.

Image credit: Tower Hobbies & HPI

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