HPI Jumpshot SC 2.0 1/10-scale Short Course Truck

HPI Jumpshot SC 2.0 1/10-scale Short Course Truck

Guess who’s back, back again? HPI’s back! Tell a friend… After facing an uncertain future, HPI has been resurrected and they’ve brought a few new R/C machines with them. Like a phoenix rising from fire, the second-generation HPI Jumpshot SC 2.0 has been announced, bringing with fresh power, durability and fun.

Among the updates to this short course truck are a new, 12-turn brushed motor (550-size), refined gearing, and a fresh look that features a bright orange body shell.


The chassis layout of the Jumpshot SC 2.0 is a bit unique when compared to other radio-controlled short course trucks. Rather than using a tub-style chassis, HPI has opted to incorporate their Twin Vertical Plate design which sandwiches the internal electronics and components between two metal chassis plates.

Whether you’re bashing or racing, the Jumpshot SC 2.0 offers plenty of adjustment points to help you get the most out of your driving experience. Oil-filled shocks, and multiple shock mounting points are just a few of the ways you can dial this short course truck in to meet your needs.

HPI Jumpshot SC 2.0 Specs:

  • Length: 560mm
  • Width: 295mm
  • Height: 190mm
  • Wheelbase: 335mm
  • Weight: 1.95kg

HPI Jumpshot SC 2

A price has yet to be announced for the Jumpshot SC 2.0, but when it is, I’d venture a guess that it will fall between the $190 and $220 range. To learn more about this 1/10-scale short course truck, visit hpiracing.com.

Image credit: HPI