HPI Jumpshot MT 2.0

HPI Jumpshot MT 2.0

HPI has refreshed their Jumpshot MT monster truck to version 2.0, which features an array of external and internal updates. An updated motor, re-tuned gearing, and an easier to access battery box are some of the highlights of this model.

Powered by a 12-turn, 550-size brushed motor, the Jumpshot MT 2.0 should be a bit quicker and more responsive than it’s a predecessor. Helping out in this area is revised gearing that should provide greater low-end performance.

HPI Jumpshot MT 2 - Chassis

Replacing the black, gray, and orange body design is a USA-themed red, white, and blue scheme.

No price has been announced for this model, however, the previous version of the Jumpshot MT ran between $209 and $213. Visit hpiracing.com for additional details about this R/C monster truck.

Image credit: HPI