Greater Control of Your Rig: HoyFab Thumb Steer

Greater Control of Your Rig: HoyFab Thumb Steer

I’m starting to think that 3D printing and the R/C hobby is a match made in heaven. If you can dream it up and design it, you can print it. From scale vehicle accessories to garage and diorama items, to dragster wings and other various things, there is a new world of amazing products that can be created and added to your radio-control vehicle. Beyond car and truck accessories, there are also unique items that you can purchase to help you wheel your ride. One recent creation by HoyFab Crawlers is sure to bring a smile to those that long to drive their scale trail rig and also act as a camera person.

The new HoyFab Thumb Steer is a 3D-printed component that wraps around the steering knob of your trigger-style transmitter. Designed with a teardrop shape, this add-on allows you to easily steer your rig with one hand, easily and comfortably. That frees up a hand to wield a camera, brace yourself against a tree, or hold your favorite beverage. The choice is yours. The HoyFab Thumb Steer is attached to your “steering wheel” by a Velcro battery strap (not included). Available in a variety of colors, this item is printed in plastic and is ready to be your favorite trail companion.

Priced at $15.00 and available for order from, this is a low-cost, add-on that will allow you to have even more fun while out on the trail or crawling course. Learn more about this radio-controlled radio accessory at the HoyFab Crawlers page on

Image credit: HoyFab Crawlers

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