GoPro’s Latest: The Hero4 Session Camera

GoPro’s Latest: The Hero4 Session Camera

I’ve had a recent renewal in interest when it comes to on-board and FPV video on my R/C vehicles. So much, in fact that I bought a GoPro Hero to dip my to into the higher-quality realm of capturing footage. So-far, I haven’t been disappointed by what I’ve been able to do and have more ideas than I have time (at this point). Overall, FPV video has been on the rise in not-only our hobby, but in many other aspects of life. And why not? Getting a new perspective and view of something is not only fun to watch, but it can even provide a little education and insight. But most-of-all, it’s entertaining.

While there are a number of cameras available that can capture action and showcase the fun that lives within the radio-control hobby, none do it like GoPro can. They are the 800+lb gorilla that has been the gold-standard of not only video quality but in the quality and overall ruggedness of their camera bodies.

Not resting on their laurrals as others have been pushing the limits of size and capabilities, GoPro has released their latest camera, and it has me thinking it may be “the camera” to get if you’re looking for an on-board video system. Say “hello” to the GoPro Hero4 Session.

This new, cube-shapped camera is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than their other HERO4 cameras. This compact size and slimmed-down weight make it ideal for mounting onto your trail rig, drift car, or even quad-copter. For those thinking the video quality will suffer with the smaller form-factor, you’re wrong. Oh, so wrong.

Capable of shooting 8MP photos (single), time lapse photos at .5 to 60 second intervals, 10fps burst photos, this is a stellar still camera. Adding to those photo stats, the video capture possiblities are equally-impressive.

With the ability to capture footage at 1440p30, 1080p60, and 720p100 (for slow-motion junkies), the GoPro4 Session won’t miss a split-second of your trail or track action.

GoPro HERO4 Session

Mounting options have also been a high-point when it comes to the GoPro line. With an incredible amount of mounting brackets and solutions avaialable, you aren’t at a loss for possible ways to fasten a camera to your R/C vehice. The GoPro HERO4 Session is no different and features a ball joint mounting buckle that

Available in two editions (HERO4 Session and HERO4 Session/Surf), the major (if not only) difference between the two are mounting bracket options with the Surf edition receiving a surfboard mount, and FCS Plug mount, and a camera tether. Both of these editions are priced at $399.99.

If on-board video footage is something you’re looking to invest in, the GoPro HERO4 Session might be the camera you’re looking for. Lightweight, compact, and extremely capable of capturing every moment, from every angle. Not a bad set of skills to have, if you ask me.

Image credit: GoPro