Go Back in Time with Carisma’s ’76 Ford F-150 Trail Truck [Video]

Go Back in Time with Carisma’s ’76 Ford F-150 Trail Truck [Video]

Over the past few weeks, Carisma Scale Adventure has been hinting at a new model release. During my recent chat with their Brand Manager, Peter Gray (The Big Squid RC Podcast: Episode 7) I was given a sneak peek at what was over the horizon…and I liked what I had seen.

Now the cat’s officially out of the bag; Introducing the Carisma SCA1-E 1976 Ford F-150 LWB. The next evolution in their SCA-1E line, this new R/C trail truck features a longer wheelbase, new beadlock wheels, redesigned tires, and a beautiful replica 1976 Ford F-150 body.

Most of the upgrade parts that Carisma has recently announced have found their way into this new model as well. This truck takes everything that was great about the original SCA-1E platform and hs put a new, realistic twist on it. Their new “AT-AT” tires feature a deeper, more aggressive tread pattern and the beadlock wheels are as functional as they are beautiful.

Pricing information has yet to be released, but be sure to check back for updates as additional information and specs become available. Until then, visit the Carisma Scale Adventure Facebook page for additional information.

Image credit: Carisma Scale Adventure