Gmade BOM Ultimate Trail Truck Specs & Additional Details

Gmade BOM Ultimate Trail Truck Specs & Additional Details

The Gmade BOM Ultimate Trail Truck has made quite a splash after being announced a few short weeks ago. The folks at Gmade have released additional details about this upcoming release, including chassis dimensions and kit features.

One of the highlights of the BOM’s GS02 chassis is its adjustable wheelbase. You can easily convert this rig to accept a variety of four standard wheelbase bodies as well as any custom creations that you might dream up.

The rear shocks of this truck can be mounted in multiple ways, allowing you to customize the handling and performance of the truck to best suit your driving style and trail/crawling environment. In addition to this, the body of the BOM features a flip-up design for easy access to internal mechanical and electrical components.

Body accents such as side-view mirrors and door handles are included in the kit and there are pre-mounted LED buckets in the headlight area for easy installation of lights.

Gmade BOM Ultimate Trail Truck Specs:

  • Width: 9.44in/240mm
  • Height: 8.9in/226mm
  • Length: 20.28in/515mm
  • Wheelbase 12.32in/313mm
  • Ground clearance: 3.11in/79mm
  • Weight: 4.18lbs/1.9kg (without electronics)
  • Wheel/tire size: 1.9in

Priced at $329.99, the GMade BOM is available for preorder through the following R/C retailers:

Visit for more details and photos of this 1/10-scale R/C trail truck.