Get Racing with Team Associated’s RC10B6 Club Racer

Get Racing with Team Associated’s RC10B6 Club Racer

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, watching R/C racing action from the spectator stands, there’s no better time to join the competition. With a number of race-ready models available, you may not know exactly where to start, but thankfully there’s a new option that can help you out.

Team Associated has two new “club racer” kits that they’ve introduced and they’re aimed at keeping costs low for first-time racers. The first of the two models is the 2-wheel drive RCB6, a 1/10-scale buggy and is part of the RC10 lineup.

This kit give you a leg up on other models as it includes a motor, electronic speed control (ESC) and steering servo. Add to that the proven performance and lineage of Team Associated’s RC10 lineup, and you have a capable radio-controlled racer straight out of the box.

Team Associated RC10B6 Club Racer Kit - Side

The Method Behind Their Madness

If there’s one characteristic about Team Associated that stands out, it’s their willingness to share insight into the origins of their R/C models and dig into the origins and goals that they’ve set out to accomplish with each machine.  Rather than retelling their story, why not hear it straight from the folks behind the RC10B6 kit…

Team Associated RC10B6 Club Racer Specs

  • Power Source: Electric
  • Terrain: Off-Road
  • Body Style: Buggy
  • Scale Size: 1:10 Scale
  • Assembly Level: Kit*
  • Length: varies
  • Width: varies
  • Wheelbase: varies
  • Weight: varies
  • Drive: 2WD

Team Associated RC10B6 Club Racer Kit - Chassis

Although Team Associated provides many of the components needed to complete this build, there are a handful of items that you’ll need before you can hit the track:

  • 7.4V LiPo or 6.6V LiFe battery (shorty pack, saddle pack, or square pack)
  • Battery charger (able to charge one of the batteries mentioned above)
  • 2-channel surface frequency radio system
  • Spray paint for body (polycarbonate-specific)
  • 1/10 scale buggy wheels & tires
  • Glue for tires and wheels
  • Tools: Needle-nose pliers, Hobby knife, Reamer or hole punch for making holes in body, Ride height gauge

The RC10B6 Club Racer kit is priced at $369.99 and is available at your local Team Associated dealer. Learn more about this new R/C racing kit at

Image credit: Team Associated