Get Building! Vaterra RC Twin Hammers Kit

Get Building! Vaterra RC Twin Hammers Kit

The popular Twin Hammers model from Vaterra has just been released as a kit (#VTR03001). This is great news for those that would rather build their own rig and modify it along the way, this is a great way to get a versatile vehicle and make it your own right off the bat.

If you’ve been following along with Vaterra RC, you know that they’re all about having fun and making the hobby into an adventure.  They put their own spin on some classic vehicles with added touches of realism throughout.  Their lineup features on-road, off-road, and in-between vehicles that can be used, abused, and still come out the other side in decent shape.

Get an aluminum body kit for your Vaterra Twin Hammers RTR or Kit (affiliate).

For the rock-racing crowd, the RTR version of the Twin Hammers has quickly become a favorite as it features many upgrade parts that now come standard with the kit version, including:

  • Clear body panels
  • Two-stage foam tire inserts
  • Front differential locker
  • Metal wheel hexes and metal transmission gears
  • Front and rear sway bars
  • Threaded aluminum shocks

The suggested retail price of the kit is $279, which is about $100 less than the RTR version. While you’ll need to supply your own electronics, the lower cost might give you some room to play with your component setup a little bit.

Learn more about the Twin Hammers kit:

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