Fully Upgraded: Traxxas Special Edition Funny Car

Fully Upgraded: Traxxas Special Edition Funny Car

If you like go-fast speed coupled with precision and timing, chances are you’re into some sort of drag racing. This booming area of the hobby has taken off over the past few years, thanks in part to the Traxxas Funny Car.

For speed demons who want to hit the ground running with a fully-loaded machine, Traxxas has released a Special Edition Funny Car, featuring more than $120 in installed upgrades.

Traxxas Special Edition Funny Car - Upgrade Items

Most of the upgraded components are aluminum chassis and steering parts, including rear suspension link mounts, steering blocks, and wheel spindles.  Aluminum-bodied, GTR shocks are also part of this premium package.

These aluminum pieces raise the durability of the funny car and improve performance by providing a sturdier material without any flex. Two color options are available for the aluminum parts, red or blue.

Priced at $429.99, the Traxxas Special Edition Funny Car is available online or at your local Traxxas dealer. Visit traxxas.com for complete details on this model.

Image credit: Traxxas