“Frozen” Meets the R/C World

“Frozen” Meets the R/C World

If you have young kids, either boys or girls, you’ve no-doubt heard about the smash-hit Disney movie of last winter, Frozen. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you’ve heard the songs. Trust me. You’ve heard the songs.

My middle kiddo is a huge fan of the movie. He regularly sings the songs and watches the DVD. I had heard the movie close to 100 times before I was actually able to see it (thanks to our in-car DVD player). After seeing the movie, I’m not ashamed to say that it’s a good flick. Not my cup of tea entirely, but it’s fun entertainment. Anyway, why am I bringing up an animated movie on an R/C site? Because of this promo put together by Mhor RC Raceway:

Simply awesome. Not only is it a fun video, but…it’s just awesome. Hat’s off to the Mhor RC Raceway folks for putting this together!  What other creative R/C-meets-pop culture mashups have you seen?

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