Five of the Best R/C Boats for Kids

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The R/C hobby is one of the most exciting, and radio-controlled boats are some of the coolest kinds of remote-control vehicles available on the market. There’s nothing better than seeing the speed of a boat out on the water and having it race past your friends and family.

When looking at R/C boats, safety is a paramount concern for many parents. Luckily most beginner R/C boat manufacturers know this too. Many boats come with safety features that prevent harming the user, as well as damaging the boats. That said, it’s important that you always supervise the use of remote-control boats to prevent any unexpected accidents or problems.

There are a lot of remote-control boats for beginners, and today we’re going to look at the best that combine beginner-friendly features, with the speed kids are looking for. Here are our top 5 picks for best R/C boats for kids and beginners.

Different Kinds of R/C Boats for Kids and Beginners

The first step to getting into the R/C boat hobby is to figure out what type of boat you want. There’s a wide range of boats, and each one comes with its own specifics built for that category of use.

R/C Boats for Lakes

Probably the most popular place to use your R/C boat is on a lake. This provides a lot of room to race and is great for larger boats and those with fast top speeds. Keep in mind the distance when looking for a lake boat as you’ll want one with several hundred feet of range to make the most of the space.

Beginner R/C Boats for Pools

Pools are another great place to use your R/C boat. Smaller than a lake, pools are great for smaller boats and those that don’t go quite as fast. It’s also a good place to learn how to use the boat as it’s much harder to damage or lose a boat in a pool over a lake.

R/C Racing Boats for Kids

Another big category of boats is R/C racing boats. These are generally the fastest remote-control boats and are a lot of fun to really open up on a lake and watch them fly over the water. With high max speeds, these boats can zip around with ease and provide a truly thrilling experience.

Best R/C Boats for Kids

With such a wide range of boats, it’s difficult to find the perfect one; but we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are our picks for the top 5 best remote-control boats for kids and beginners.

The Aqua R/C Speed Boat for Beginners

Our first R/C boat is the Aqua. The Aqua is a great beginner R/C boat and is packed with features. With a child-safe propeller system and a self-righting hull, the Aqua’s features make it easy to use for first-timers. The remote control also features an out of range alarm and a low battery alarm which are both great tools to help prevent the boat from getting lost at sea.

  • Crazy fast speed of 20mph
  • Long-range of up 325 feet
  • Out of range/low battery alarms
  • Self-righting hull system
  • Child-safe propellers

This fun R/C boat that comes with handy features for beginners while being powerful enough to be fun for experienced captains. Read reviews and find the best price for the Aqua. It’s hard to go wrong with this boat, and it’s sure to provide years of fun.

Altair AA Wave R/C Boat for Kids

Our next boat is the Altair AA Wave. This boat is the perfect one for kids because it comes with some easy to use features but doesn’t sacrifice on too much on speed. The Anti-Capsize feature, in particular, is great. If you do find that you’ve flipped the boat upside down, you are able to flip it back over right from your remote control.

This boat also comes with a child-safe propeller system that does not allow the propellers to spin unless the boat is in the water. This means no cut fingers or accidents with a fast spinning propeller!

  • 15mph Max Speed
  • Up to 300 feet of range
  • Child Safe Propeller System
  • Anti-Capsize Hull System
  • Durable and made by a quality company

With a 15mph top speed, it also has enough kick to use in a lake. Overall, the AA Wave is a great beginner R/C boat! Click to See the Lowest Price on Amazon for the AA Wave!

GizmoVine R/C Boat for Pools & Lakes

Our next boat is the GizmoVine R/C Boat (Click Here to Read Reviews). This is another great R/C boat for beginners and is great for both the pool and the lake. This is another fast boat that tops out at over 20mph. That gives it some serious kick for racing fans.

  • Top speeds of over 20mph
  • Self-righting and child-safe propeller
  • Low Battery alarm

For racing fans, the Gizmovine is a great boat. Its high speeds make this boat exciting for an R/C racing fan to around a pool or lake.

Intey H102 R/C Boat for Kids & Beginners

Next up we the Intey H102. This remote-control boat is would be another great item to pick up for kids and beginners. One cool addition to this boat is that it has a two-way navigation rudder. This helps the boat stay on track, and makes it easier to control, steer, and turn. This is great for beginners to help them get comfortable with the boat.

  • Max speed of 20+ MPH
  • Almost 500 feet of range
  • Two-way navigation Rudder for easy turns and navigation

With a top speed of 20mph and nearly 500 feet of range, this boat also packs some serious fun. Take a look at the reviews on Amazon and find the best price here.

Nothing is better than pushing this boat to top speed on a lake and watch it zip past the competition.

Element Digital S4 Spectre R/C Boat with FPV Camera

Last up, we’ve included the Element Digital S4, a unique boat that features a camera. The S4 comes equipped with a camera that streams 720p video in real-time. This is truly a unique experience and gives you a first-person view of the water that is sure to thrill. That’s not all, the boat also features self-righting functionality and a respectable top speed to help it compete with other boats out on the water.

  • Fly through the water at over 15mph
  • 160+ feet range
  • Equipped with 720p waterproof camera.

A great R/C boat for those looking for one with a camera, the S4 Spectre is no slouch in the other categories either. Check out the S4 on Amazon! This unique R/C boat for kids is sure to delight.

Remote Control R/C Boats for Kids

R/C boats are an excellent gift for kids of all ages and all skill levels. The features included with a beginner R/C boat makes it easy to get set up and start racing around. On a pool or a lake, remote control boats are sure to provide you and your family years of speed filled racing fun.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How Durable Are R/C Boats?

For the most part, these boats are very durable. R/C boats are built to last for years and many are also built to withstand collisions (especially beginner ones) and can take a bit of abuse and still keep on racing.

Can I Get Hurt Using an R/C Boat?

When used properly no. Many R/C boats come with safety features such as child-safe propellers that make it difficult to hurt yourself. That said, whenever a child is using their R/C boat they should be under adult supervision.

Can Anyone Pilot an R/C Speed Boat?

Yes! There are a range of R/C boats built specifically for beginners that are easy to use. Most even come with features such as steering correction or the ability to right itself after capsizing that makes it even easier to control them even at high speeds.

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