Entertain Your Ears with These Five RC Podcasts

Entertain Your Ears with These Five RC Podcasts

The best way to find out more about the hobby is to hear from those that are actively involved in it.  Thankfully, there are a number of YouTube channels devoted to R/C cars, but what if you’re not able to devote eyeball time to learning about the ins and outs of the hobby? Rest easy, as there are also a number of great (and new) audio podcasts that pack just as much information and knowledge into them (minus the visuals).

  • Tim Smith’s TSR Speed Shop Podcast – I’ve been honored to have Tim Smith on the RC Newb Podcast on more than one occasion and I’m thrilled to see him start his own show and share his amazing story.
  • The MBM Podcast – I “tripped” into this podcast after listening to Tim Smith’s first podcast episode and am
  • The RC Car Cast – If scale rigs and drifting are your areas of focus, you’ll want to check out the shows that the folks at the RC Car Cast put out. Informative and entertaining. That’s a tough combination to beat!
  • The Radio Impound Podcast – I’ve been a fan of this show for a number of years and greatly enjoy the guests and the history that Gotti Jr., Kirby Hand, and Jason Ruona are able pack into each show.
  • RC Racing TV Podcast – This is a show that I have just discovered myself and felt it was worth including in the list. This looks to be a great show for racers both in the U.S. and abroad.

Shameless plug: If you’re looking for even more RC info in audible form, please check out the RC Newb Podcast, a blend of information from folks (such as myslef) that have an undying passion for the hobby of radio-controlled cars.

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