Feed Your Need to Build with these Tamiya Kit Discounts

Feed Your Need to Build with these Tamiya Kit Discounts

Get a classic kit at a discounted price through AMain Hobbies and Tower Hobbies.

You haven’t truly experienced this hobby until you’ve built a kit. While it took me a while to realize that, I’ve become a fan of R/C model kits and the joy that they can bring to enthusiasts.

If you’re feeling the urge to build, AMain Hobbies and Tower Hobbies are offering up discounts on a number of Tamiya kits. From buggies to monster trucks and everything in-between, you’re bound to find a model that suits your style and personality.

To give you a taste of the reduced-price models, here are some of the highlights. Please note that you can apply coupons to all of these models through both retailers, however, you’ll need to subscribe to the Tower Hobbies newsletter in order to get their coupons. Discount coupons for AMain Hobbies have been listed below each highlighted model.

Tamiya 1/10 Grasshopper Buggy Kit

Tamiya 1/10 The Hornet Buggy Kit

Tamiya 1/10 The Frog Buggy Kit

Tamiya 1/10 Hotshot Buggy Kit

Tamiya 1/10 Super Astute Buggy Kit

Tamiya 1/10 Avante Buggy Kit (2011 Black Edition)

Tamiya 1/12 Lunch Box Monster Truck Kit

Tamiya 1/12 Midnight Pumpkin (Metallic) Monster Truck Kit

Tamiya 1/10 1973 Ford Bronco Kit

Tamiya 1/10 Super Clod Buster Monster Truck Kit

Tamiya Comical Grasshopper Buggy Kit

Tamiya Comical Hornet Buggy Kit

Tamiya Comical Frog Buggy Kit

While this is just a sample, there are many more discounted Tamiya models to be found on towerhobbies.com and amainhobbies.com.

Image credit: Tamiya