Experience the Ruckus Juice & Jello RECON G6 [Video]

Experience the Ruckus Juice & Jello RECON G6 [Video]

While I was puttering around my basement with my RS10 crawler this past weekend, Mike Baker was doing something much more involved.  He took part in the Ruckus Juice & Jello RECON G6 in Bend, Oregon.  I’ve never seen an outing like this before (learn more about the RECON G6), so I was grateful that he shared this video of the festivities.  I’ll admit, after the first 2 minutes of this video, I was hooked.  This looks like not only a great event, but a great opportunity to get out and meet people in the R/C crawler space.

If you haven’t been to an event like this (or if you participate frequently), give this video a look. Thanks again for sharing this video Mike, and congratulations on your “big win” from the weekend!

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