Experience FPV & R/C with Futaba at the 2017 MultiGP RIOT International Open

Experience FPV & R/C with Futaba at the 2017 MultiGP RIOT International Open

Hobbico and Futaba have announced their participation in the upcoming MultiGP RIOT International Open, which will take place August 9th through the 13th (2017) in Muncie, Indiana. Held at the AMA National Headquarters, this five-day event will be a spectacle of flight and FPV as multi-rotor pilots and R/C enthusiasts from around the world are invited to participate in a variety of events.

At their “Charge & Chill” tent, Futaba will have re-charging stations for flight gear, refreshments for pilots and guests, and more. With eight flight zones set up over 1,000+ acres, there will be the need for a boost throughout the day, and Futaba’s “Charge & Chill” tent sounds like a great place to get juiced up.

Along with this rest stop, Futaba is also sponsoring the Freestyle course (Track 4). Not only can you get crazy with your own in-air tricks, but you can experience piloting expertise of FPV wizards such as Johnny FPV, Nick Willard, Paul Nurkkala, and more.

From Futaba:

Futaba, one of RC’s most respected radio manufacturers, joins with the biggest names

in FPV drone racing at this year’s highly anticipated MultiGP RIOT International Open. The event, hosted by Rotor Riot and MultiGP, happens on August 9-13 at the AMA National Headquarters in Muncie, Indiana. Futaba is an event Platinum

Sponsor and a featured sponsor of the Freestyle course, Track 4. Members from the Rotor Riot team and Team Futaba will be on site. Meet, chat with and learn from the greats — including

Futaba’s Johnny “Johnny FPV” Schaer, Nick “Wild Willy” Willard, Paul “Nurk” Nurkkala, Frank “RealEyez” Mainade, and Chris “CJHass” Hass — all in one place, at one time.

Futaba is hosting a “Charge & Chill” tent at the Freestyle course. Pilots and show guests can stop by to recharge their devices, relax on the loungers and enjoy a beverage. Charging stations will be available for all types of devices. The lightning-fast racing takes place in eight different FPV flight zones spread across 1200 acres. Each zone will be set up for a specific style of flying, such as team racing, standard racing, freestyle and more. As many as 64 FPV pilots will be in the air at a single time!

Highlights will include an FAI-approved World Cup team race that pits the top international FPV teams against each other at breakneck speeds. Attendees can also look forward to a crash course gauntlet; many product giveaways and demos of new FPV technology; and educational FPV-related workshops.

Futaba is proud to help bring the MultiGP RIOT International Open to the fast-growing global FPV community. For more information about the event and registration, visit multigp.io.

Learn more about the MultiGP RIOT International Open and learn more about the members of Team Futaba.

Image credit: Futaba