Element RC Releases Files for a 3D Printable Engine for your Enduro Trail Truck

Element RC Releases Files for a 3D Printable Engine for your Enduro Trail Truck

Element RC has released a set of 3D printable files to let you create your own scale engine for your Enduro Sendro RTR, Enduro Trailwalker, or Enduro Trail Truck Builder’s Kit. While not functional by any means, this is a nice way to add some internal details to your scale rig.

The downloadable set of files includes separate parts for the engine block, valve covers, air intake, timing chain cover, fan, and harmonic balancer. There aren’t any assembly instructions or hardware details listed, so you’re left to your own devices when it comes to putting the engine together.

Element RC 3D Printable Engine

I printed the engine parts yesterday and, after a few hours of printing time (and some rummaging around my spare parts bin), I was able to get the engine accessory assembled and installed into my Enduro Sendero RTR.

Installation Tips & Recommended Hardware:

  • If you have different colors of printer filament, you can easily customize the look of your engine without any painting.
  • The engine accessory sits above the steering servo and optional servo winch location. I mounted the engine to the servo mount using two 3mm x 30mm screws.
  • I used two 3mm x 8mm screws to fasten the intake to the engine block.
  • A 3mm x 16mm screw was used to attach the fan, timing chain cover, and engine block front to the engine block. I used a 3mm x 8mm screw to attach the lower portion of the timing chain cover to the block.
  • I used a 3mm x 22mm screw to attach the radiator to the front of the chassis frame.
  • Fast-drying glue was used to attach the valve covers to the engine block.

This is a fun scale accessory to add to your Element RC rig, and I’m happy that Element RC has released these files for hobbyists to enjoy. If you don’t have a 3D printer, but would still like to add a scale engine to your rig, you can purchase the parts through the Associated Electrics Shapeways store.

Learn more about this 3D printed scale accessory at associatedelectrics.com.

Image credit: Element RC