Earn Your Wings With the DRL Drone Racing Simulator

Earn Your Wings With the DRL Drone Racing Simulator

A drone racing simulator and pilot tryout program, all in one.

2016 will be known for a variety of events and topics. In the world of radio-controlled flying, it may be known as the year when drone racing went mainstream. The popularity and projected success of multirotor aircraft competitions was at a fevered pitch shortly after the year began. With a variety of announcements around event sponsorship, race coverage, and international competitions, interest around this new form of R/C racing appears to be at an all-time high. The Drone Racing League, one of a few organizations that plan, promote, and host drone racing events, has announced tryouts for their 2017 season. As with other aspects of this unique form of racing, the manner in which you try out is outside the norm.

By downloading the free DRL Racing Simulator (for Windows or Mac), you can try your hand at virtual quadcopter racing and get a feel for how these aircraft perform, as well as how the race courses and obstacles are laid out and arranged. When you enter the “tryout mode” for the various courses and arenas in the simulator, you’ll be able to post your best time(s) to the Bud Light DRL 2017 Tryouts Leaderboard.

The simulator is compatible with external remotes as well, allowing you to connect and utilize select quadcopter transmitters as well as XBox, and Playstation controllers.


Even if you’re not interested in trying out for the DRL, this should be an interesting app to gain experience with R/C drones and get a feel for what it’s like to fly them. At the very least, it’s a fun simulation to turn to when your real radio-controlled vehicles are grounded due to weather.

Learn more about the Drone Racing League, the 2017 Tryouts, and the DRL Simulator at thedroneracingleague.com.

Image credit: The Drone Racing League

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