Dromida: A new strain of R/C DNA

As some of you may know, some time ago we covered the launch of a new budget line from Horizon called Vaterra. The popularity of the line has not gone un-noticed. Today, Revell unveiled their new budget line that drastically undercuts Horizon.

Known as Dromida, the sub $100 price point is impressive. With design that rivals hobby brands, the stage is being set of an all out price battle.

Now, there is a catch. The trucks and buggies are 1:18 scale to keep the price down and encourage indoor running. It’s my opinion that this announcement coincides with the silly season of retail.

With Christmas on the horizon, ailing model company Revell is looking for a comeback. Stay tuned as we try to get our hands on one. It might be a while, but we’ll put them through their paces. One thing’s for sure… competition is a good thing for all of us.

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