Dream Teaser: Pro-Line’s Upcoming Plymouth ‘Cuda Dragster Body

Dream Teaser: Pro-Line’s Upcoming Plymouth ‘Cuda Dragster Body

Oh Pro-Line,you know the way to my car-loving heart. It appears that one of my favorite R/C body-makers is revving up another new release, aimed squarely at early-70s Mopar muscle car fanatics. In recent Facebook and Instagram posts, they’ve teased a rear/side shot of a 1972 Plymouth ‘Cuda body sitting atop an R/C dragster.

I love seeing this for a variety of reasons. First, the early-70s ‘Cuda is my dream car. I know I’ve professed my love for other 1:1 automobiles in the past, but when it comes to classic American muscle, this is the one for me.

Second, I’ve been watching the R/C drag racing boom with great interest and am on the fence about either building or buying a dragster of my own. This upcoming release does nothing to help my wallet, but it would make me make space in my R/C garage.

Pro-Line’s 1972 ‘Cuda body already has a placeholder on their “What’s New” page, and will be priced at $46.95 when it’s released. Until then, stay tuned to Pro-Line’s social media accounts for the possibility of more teases and previews of this and other upcoming products.

Image credit: Pro-Line

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