Double-review of SCX10 upgrades: GPM Hardened Steel Gear Set and GPM Knuckles and Lockouts

Double-review of SCX10 upgrades: GPM Hardened Steel Gear Set and GPM Knuckles and Lockouts

Hello again! Here is another review of more upgrade parts from Asiatees. I ordered 2 different sets of Topcad shocks one set for my Slash 4×4 and the other for my Exo Terra. I also ordered the newly-released GPM Hardened Steel Gear Set for the Axial SCX10 and a pair of GPM knuckles as well. Today, I’m reviewing the SCX10 parts.

GPM Hardened Steel Gear Set
These are the that i ordered they are the GPM Steel Drive Gear Set (#SSCX038GBK). My first thoughts are that these are great hop-up parts. The lay shaft and the locker are both one piece of steel and the idler gear uses the stock pin that’s already in the gearbox. Upon fitting them I have found them to be a great fit with no excessive play in between the teeth and no side to side when mounted in the bearing.

Speaking of bearings, the idler comes with them pre-installed but the lay shaft and the locker don’t so check your bearings and put new ones in the gearbox if needed. A lot of people don’t like using steel gears because they normally make the gearbox sound really noisy, but I am glad to say that these gears aren’t much noisier than the stock set. When I rebuilt the gearbox, I put marine grease on the gears. As well all know, it’s the best grease to waterproof all bearings and gears,

GPM Knuckles and Lockouts
Next up are the GPM knuckles and Lockouts which I have to say are great as well. They come in a multitude of different colors and the have a flawless finish to them. They are a really nice tight fit and they have tightened up the axle a lot there isn’t any flex or twist now. The quality or these products is brilliant they are nice and light but don’t feel cheap if you know what I mean.

All the bearings are a nice tight fit so these isn’t any play in them in the lockouts or in the knuckles. The knuckles don’t have any slop between themselves and then c-hubs so they shouldn’t wear as fast as some other makes do. These 3 items are a must upgrade for your SCX10 as they will make the axles a lot stronger, your steering more precise and, not to mention, they will take a knock when you roll down a hill.

Here are the part numbers: #SCX019S, #SCX022S and #SCX021S

This is it for this review keep your eyes peeled for the review on the shocks that will be released tomorrow.