Check Out This Amazing, Custom 3D Printed Micro Grasshopper

Check Out This Amazing, Custom 3D Printed Micro Grasshopper

Crazy and cool don’t begin to describe this custom small-scale build.

Since completing my first R/C car build earlier this year, I’ve developed a soft spot for Tamiya’s “The Grasshopper”. While my own model spends more days on the shelf that in the field, it’s still a fun, classic buggy to look at and admire.

The old-school look has grown on me and I perk up when I see other Grasshopper builds pop up on forums and social media groups. One recent build caught my eye not because it was a standard build with a few small modifications. No, this build caught my eye because it was a small-scale version of Tamiya’s retro buggy.

Custom 3D Printed Small-Scale Tamiya Grasshopper, a website that I’m going to start paying close attention to, shared details of a customized, 3D printed Grasshopper body which was designed to fit on the chassis of a Subotech 1/24-scale  radio-controlled truck.

The end result is fantastic, and the idea of having a small-scale version of this R/C classic has me very interested in tackling a similar project myself.


Feeling inspired? Visit for more details on how you can create your own small-scale 1/24-scale Grasshopper buggy.

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