Capture Your FPV Action with the Spektrum Focal DVR Headset

Capture Your FPV Action with the Spektrum Focal DVR Headset

First-person-view flight (and driving) have taken off in a big way. Whether you’re a quadcopter racer or just an explorer, there are unique angles and experiences to enjoy each time you power up your radio-controlled vehicle and take off.

Spektrum’s Focal DVR FPV Headset is a new way to not only pilot or drive your R/C machine from the view of the vehicle, but also save that footage to share with friends, family, and the world. This google kit utilizes 5.8GHz video transmission with a built-in LED screen.

The googles display lower-resolution video for real-time feedback and feature included fans to help fend off fogging.

The DVR functionality utilizes the same camera which captures and transfers the FPV footage, so you won’t need to mount an additional action camera to your aircraft, car, or truck. Not only will you save the hassle of setting off additional weight, but you’ll save on the added equipment cost as well.

The Spektrum Focal DVR FPV Headset is priced at $499.99 and is available for pre-order at Get complete details and specs.

Image credit: Horizon Hobby

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