Buckle Up for the Release of Two New ARRMA Models [Video]

Buckle Up for the Release of Two New ARRMA Models [Video]

Take a look at the ARRMA Limitless and ARRMA Infraction

After releasing two teaser videos earlier in the day, ARRMA has posted longer-running previews of two upcoming, on-road machines; the Limitless and the Infraction. Both of these models are designed for all-out speed and appear to be under a new “Street Bash” brand banner.

The Infraction is powered by brushless motors and capable of handling 6S LiPo battery power. If you prefer to start with a sleek body and chassis platform, the Limitless provides a “roller” setup that allows you to supply your own motor and internal electronics.

Both of these models feature aerodynamic bodies that seek to eliminate drag while keeping them glued to the ground at full-throttle. Below are two in-action previews of both of these models.

ARRMA Infraction 6S BLX “Street Bash” Truck (RTR)

Low and mean, the Infraction features an aggressive body design, large rear spoiler, and low-profile tires for maximum grip and control. A center brace bar runs down the length of the chassis, helping durability and overall handling performance.

ARRMA Limitless “Street Bash” Car (Roller)

The Limitless looks like a cross between a Formula 1 car and on-road touring car. Similar to the Infraction, this model features a center-mounted chassis brace, low-profile tires, and a massive rear spoiler for added downforce and straight-line stability.


If you can’t wait to see more about these new machines, ARRMA has posted “under the hood” videos for both the Limitless and the Infraction.

Official details for these two models should be released on June 6, 2019, so visit arrma-rc.com for the latest details on these two new R/C speedsters.

Image credit: ARRMA