Breadcrumbs on the Trail… Is Redcat Racing Teasing Something New?

Breadcrumbs on the Trail… Is Redcat Racing Teasing Something New?

An illustration, some detailed interior pics, and an aftermarket collaboration that came out of left field.

I’ve got a feeling that we may see something new from Redcat Racing in the near future, and signs are pointing to a new version of the GEN8 Scout II. If you’ve been following Redcat Racing’s Instagram and Facebook pages, chances are your interest has been piqued.

What started out as an interesting GEN8 International Scout II illustration has morphed into what appears to be teasers for an upcoming, chopped-top Scout body. Soon after the illustration was posted, a closeup interior photo was posted, making this seem like more than just a fun little art project.

A day or two after that teaser was posted, another interior image found its way to their feed…this time showing details toward the front of a Scout II driver compartment. Steering wheel, shifter lever, the dashboard, and bucket seats were all (somewhat) out in the open.

If that wasn’t enough, REEF’S RC made a few social posts of their own, touting the fact that one of their servos would be appearing in an upcoming ready-to-run (RTR) model. Say what?

Then came the post of this image, a REEF’S RC 422HD V2 steering servo emblazoned with Redcat Racing’s new logo. If you ask me, things just got very interesting.

As the saying goes, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Judging by this collection of posts, things are about to heat up in the near future. If you want to stay in the loop with whatever this Redcat/REEF’S RC collaboration turns out to be, follow both Redcat Racing and REEF’s RC on Instagram.

Update: 12/1/19 – Details slowly emerge…

I’ve seen a promo/spec card image floating around on a few message boards over the past few days, and it fills in quite a few details for this upcoming rig. The name of this new GEN8 model appears to be the Redcat Racing GEN8 AXE Edition. I had been wondering about the “AXE” name and it makes sense since the Redcat folks have been using that word throughout their teaser posts. Also, it’s a bit of dual-edged wordplay.

For starters, the roof of this rig has been “axed”, allowing for the detailed interior take center stage. The second part of their play on words comes from the powerplant inside this trail truck. It appears to be paired with a HobbyWing XERUN AXE Brushless motor and ESC. When you factor in that setup, along with the REEF’S RC 422HD V2 servo and 6-channel FlySky GT5 radio system, this RTR rig has at least $250 in upgrade gear installed right out of the box.

If you want to see the image that outlines these details, here you go (credit to RC Fest Studio Productions for posting it):

Redcat Racing GEN8 Axe Edition - Unconfirmed Specsheet

If all of these details are true, the only thing missing is the price. If this much information is being leaked, I’d imagine a price announcement (and full launch details) should be made public very soon.

Image credit: Redcat Racing