Boom Racing’s KRONIK Trail Survival Kit

Boom Racing’s KRONIK Trail Survival Kit

The R/C hobby is all fun and games before your car or truck breaks down. Whether you hang out at the track or on the trail, issues can arise which can bring the action to a screeching halt. If you prefer to get your kicks on the rocks, Boom Racing has something to make your outings more enjoyable, should you encounter issues.

The KRONIK Trail Survival Kit is a compact, first-aid pack for your radio-controlled trail machine. Loaded with spare hardware, it features 125 items including screws, body clips, rod ends, washers and more. No matter what situation you encounter, chances are, you can fix it with what’s included in this pack.


The Trail Survival Kit comes packaged in a durable plastic case, making it easy to slip into a backpack or large jacket pocket. As someone who’s run into trouble on the trail before, this looks like a worthwhile addition to any trail-day packing list.

Priced at $199.99, the KRONIK Trail Survival Kit is available online at

Image credit: Boom Racing