Blitz 1/8-scale GT5 Zonda Touring Car Body

Blitz 1/8-scale GT5 Zonda Touring Car Body

Titan Racing Equipment has released a new on-road body set for 1/8-scale touring cars under their Blitz banner. The GT5 Zonda (#60808) is a sleek supercar shell that’s sure to add new life to any 1/8-scale on-road R/C machine.

Made from durable polycarbonate, this body should withstand traditional on-track action, and the flowing, slick design should help you cut through the air and stay at the front of the field.

Designed to fit touring car models with a 315mm – 335mm wheelbase range, this body includes wheel center markings for improved body positioning and setup. If you’re planning to use this body in competition, it does follow IFMAR’s GBS rule.

The GT5 Zonda body set includes window masks, a rear wing, rear wing mounting hardware, and a decal sheet. Learn more about the Blitz GT5 Zonda at

Image credit: Titan Racing Equipment