Blasting Through the Snow in an Open-Top GEN8 AXE [Video]

Blasting Through the Snow in an Open-Top GEN8 AXE [Video]

While I’m used to seeing snow on the ground this time of year, it’s been a snow-free winter so-far. When flurries do arrive, that won’t stop my R/C action from taking place. Although I’m enjoying a green end to 2019, there are plenty of folks who have been out among the elements, wheeling their rigs and enjoying the hobby, including the folks at Redcat Racing.

Since releasing their GEN8 AXE Edition a few weeks ago, this scale trail machine appears to have become quite popular among the R/C crawler community. While the Redcat crew has released videos of this rig ripping through sand and over dry rock formations, I haven’t seen much winter-weather action…until now.

Check out the video below to see the GEN8 AXE Edition taking on some deep snow.

If this 1/10-scale, brushless-powered trail truck is on your must-have list, you can learn more about it at

Image credit: Redcat Racing