Big Tease: Axial Floats an Early-February Release

By: Tim Gluth

Every brand seems to have its own way of releasing tidbits of information about upcoming models. Axial is no stranger to the art of the tease, and they've had several of their own over the past 12 months. For whatever reason, one of their latest Instagram posts, a teaser, uniquely indescribably grabbed my attention.

If you look at past Axial teaser posts, most of them include some product snippet, whether it's a tire, a tire imprint, or a model silhouette. Something. In this post, however, there's nothing like that. Just a scenic photo with the Axial logo emblazoned on a mountainside and over that, the words "We. Build. Adventure. 02.09". Around mid-2022, Axial underwent a bit of a rebrand, shedding the "Racing" moniker from its name and turning toward (and fully embracing) "Adventure".

Having experienced "Axial Adventure" firsthand at Axialfest Badlands 2022, this shift speaks to me, and the words on this teaser image have my mind racing. We've seen a recent shift toward crawling performance in the models released by Axial in recent months. Falling right in the middle of the 2023 King of the Hammers event, might we see a new 1/10-scale comp crawler kit? Or could it be something else?

As I've given more thought to what might be revealed on February 9, 2023, my mind has gone to some interesting places. What about a 1/6-scale builders kit…or an SCX10 III kit based on the Base Camp?

Until the official news is released, all we have are guesses, and it's certainly fun to throw darts at the board. To see the teaser for yourself (and to start your mind racing…or adventuring) head over to Axial's Instagram page.

Image credit: Axial

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