Bashing for Box Tops

Bashing for Box Tops

While my main hobby may revolve around radio-controlled cars, my wife doesn't share my enthusiasm for these amazing “toys”. Her passion or as she puts it, her “life's mission” is to raise money for our school through the Box Tops for Education program. What does this have to do with R/C cars you ask? Well, nothing…directly. But helping earn money for your child's school while getting hop-ups for your ride is a possibility (and quite easy to do).

Without going into too much detail about what the Box Tops for Education program is, it is a way for a school of your choice to earn money by collecting BTFE “tags” off of a selection of products. The value of these tags is $.10 per, but it adds up quickly.

Enter “The Marketplace”

While you won't find the small Box Tops tags on your rtr or kit package but you can earn eBox Tops through the Box Tops for Education Marketplace.

After making some basic purchases through this online gateway, I decided to check out what other products and retailers were participating in the program. After a few of “basic” queries for Apple and other tech gadgets and retailers, I threw a few R/C-related terms into the mix. Much to my surprise, a few results came back.

Talk about a win-win. I can not only upgrade my R/C lineup and get hop-up parts, but I can also help my children's school at the same time.

How does it work?

If you've ever made online purchases through other rewards sites, you'll be familiar with how the BTFE Marketplace operates. Before making your purchase at your favorite online hobby retailer, do a quick search at for the parts or vehicles you're looking for. You'll need to set up an account at to earn funds for the school of your choice, so keep that in mind. When you find the right item, you can do a “quick look” on it and proceed to buy it, right from that page. To make a purchase, you'll pass through a gateway that will notify the retailer of your Box Tops for Education Marketplace starting point and will ensure you're school receives credit for your purchase.

Most of the search results return retailers such as and, so you won't find many of the well-known online hobbyshops. That said, it's worth a look if you've got kids and need to get some parts or a new car to fuel your passion. There are other ways to earn Box Tops for Education points that, sadly, don't involve radio-controlled cars. If you buy products that support the Box Tops for Eduction program, but don't clip the tags, please let me know. I'd be happy to take them off your hands for you!

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