“BanniUK” Wins the DR1 Invitational [Video]

“BanniUK” Wins the DR1 Invitational [Video]

The Mtn Dew DR1 Invitational has taken place and the young phenom, Luke Bannister (BanniUK) has emerged victorious. As quadcopter/multi-rotor racing grows in popularity, the scale of events such as the DR1 Invitational continue to rise. This specific event pitted a number of the best pilots against each one another, with the victor winning a $30,000 grand prize.

While some of the event coverage is a bit “rough”, here are the Semifinal and Final races, as well as a post-Final interview with Luke. The sport of multi-rotor racing is still in its infancy and shows to be getting legs under itself, but I feel there is promise for this form of spectator sport. Aside from that, there’s no denying the talent that BanniUK has, while at the controls of these FPV quad racers.

DR1 Semifinal Race 2

DR1 Finals Race

Post-race Interview with BanniUK