Axial Unleashes the Power(Wagon)

Axial Unleashes the Power(Wagon)

I’ve recently have been reading few forum posts and Facebook conversations discussing what looked to be another new spin on the SCX10 from Axial.  For truck fans, Ram-specifically, the rumors and chatter had picked up in the past few days.  Today, Axial took the wraps off of their latest branch in the SCX10 tree, the Ram Power Wagon RTR.

As a life-long Mopar fan, this model has me excited, even though it’s mainly a new body option.  Aside from aesthetics, there’s not much more that can be said about this model (except the fact that it’s a fun vehicle to drive, mod, and do just about anything with).  If you’ve been looking to get into the scaler scene, but didn’t want a Jeep, Ford, or Toyota, then this might be the truck for you.

While most of the platform remains unchanged on this latest iteration, there are a few notable highlights:

  • Waterproof AE-5 ESC
  • Optional roll cage flat bed set (AX80046)

Retail price for this model is $359.99.

Learn more about the Axial Racing – SCX10™ Ram Power Wagon 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD – RTR.

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